Green Trends Australia is a specialised consulting firm assisting businesses and individuals in creating opportunities and networks to reach their target market. We focus on customer’s most critical issue and try to solve it by using our expertise and leveraging on our networks.

We believe in people and technology and use those to bridge relationships and create opportunities. If there is a solution for a problem which could benefit humanity, borders and location shouldn’t stand in between as an obstacle.

We strive to take the advancement of Australia in various fields across borders particularly to India where we have a strong base.

More Details

Our Vision

To provide the best service and products to our customers and consumers.  We owe to take sustainable products, service and technology across borders to benefit the community.

Our Mission

  • To promote sustainable products, service and technology from Australia to India

  • To promote products that are eco-friendly

  • To promote services that help underprivileged

  • To promote technology that empower communities

  • To share educational services between countries