Our Services

If you are an individual or a business in Australia looking forward to do business in India, most likely you would need a reliable company or an individual whom you can trust before you invest your time and money in Indian market.

“On account of the geographical dispersion of India, it is recommended that Australian companies consider a regional plan, focusing on multiple locations and markets within India and finding appropriate partners within each region” – Austrade website on setting up business in India.

Speciality Areas: Exports, Sustainable Products, Services, Software, Energy, Education, Migration

While there are Government agencies like Austrade and other business chambers who could help you in providing directions, it is not an easy task to land on your first customer or your business partner in a country that you aren’t familiar with.  This is where we could help you with.

We are a local business based in Sydney.  We have strong base in India particularly in the states of Tamilnadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala and Pondicherry.  These states are categorised as potential business centres by Australian Government and they have released special reports about the available opportunities in these states.

We would be able to market and sell your products through our distributor networks in India or find new business partners for you to collaborate.

On the other hand if you are an individual or a business in India looking forward for opportunities in Australia, we could help with our network here.  The request may be to get a seat in one of Australian prestigious University or to migrate to this great country or to find new business opportunities here.  No request is big or small.  Our Team got more than 35 years of Australian experience in different sectors and a rich network across multicultural communities and business chambers across Australia.  We value every customer request and could assist in the ways that we could.