We help businesses to reach their target market.  We help buyers to source their needs.  Our customers in India need below products/service from Australia.  If you/your business could provide any of the below, please contact us.

Red Lentils:
For a grain importer in India, We urgently need 5x20ft containers of Australian Red lentils, Nugget type (machine cleaned) pulses to be shipped to Port of Tuticorin in India on CIF basis.

Aluminium Ingots:
An established manufacturing company in Tamilnadu operating for more than 35 years is looking to buy aluminium ingots.  They need pure 99.7% aluminium ingots.  Please advise if you could provide this.  We are looking for a long term ongoing business.

Wood Logs:
A timber business operating in South India serving the building and construction sector is looking for Australian wood logs preferably pine logs. However they are happy to consider other wood logs as well. They are looking to purchase stock on an ongoing basis.

Australian Honey:
A wholesale food distributor with 20 years experience is looking for pure Australian made honey at good price. If they are happy with the sample and price, they would be looking to place an order. Order to be shipped to Tuticorin port in India.

India is Australia’s fourth largest trading partner in the world.  Australian export of goods and services to India is more than 21 billion dollars in 2018.  With a population of more than 1.3 billion it’s no surprise that their demand is growing everyday in energy, agriculture, infrastructure, education, healthcare etc.  Since Australia got a leading hand in many of these sectors, there are many opportunities. 

India is so diverse with many states and languages.  Some of human development indicators and industry growth in Southern States like Tamilnadu, Kerala, Karnataka are on par with OECD countries.  Here you could find market information related to these states, published by Austrade for the benefit of Australian Businesses.

Courtesy:  Thank you Austrade.