Skill Development:
Green Trends Australia teach and train people those who wish to upgrade their skills and educational qualifications to enter into job industry or further their career.  We provide courses and seminars on various academic topics, industry trends and emerging technologies including but not limited to Energy, Renewable, EV, IoT, Green Computing, Sustainability, Industry 4.0, Research, Entrepreneurship, Healthcare, Built environment, WHS etc.  We upgrade people skills to International standards through significant academic and industry involvement. 


Green Trends Australia operates through partnerships with multiple stakeholders in this skill development program.

Universities: Australian Education is well known in the International market for its quality course content, research topics and its contribution to the industry.  There are many universities involved in Students Exchange program, joint collaboration, MoUs etc.  Seven Australian Universities feature in Top 100 universities across the globe.

Registered Training Organisation (RTO): There are  few Government operated Technical And Further Education (TAFE) Institutes and thousands of private RTO’s across Australia.  Some of these RTO’s are highly efficient in providing world class training.  We engage with such industry leaders while choosing our training partner.

Experienced Professors and Industry Leaders:  We engage esteemed Professors, Trainers and Industry leaders to provide courses through webinars, online courses, face to face training and Q&A sessions for University students and small businesses on industry trends, emerging technologies etc.

Industry bodies/Business Chambers: Industry bodies and business chambers play a greater role in connecting with industry and networking and thereby help people to get jobs.  Industry bodies also contribute a lot in policy making and help the governments to create framework.  We engage with them to assist our trainees and students.

Non-Profit Organisation: These organisations are able to reach some marginalised communities and able to attain better results.  Also they assist government in different capacity building exercises.  NGO’s projects provide opportunity for students to get exposure to real time industry.  We engage with NGO’s to leverage on their strengths and provide volunteering opportunity for students.

Universities, Educational institutions, Companies looking for opportunities to collaborate with world class Australian institutions in terms of  training, short courses and corporate up-skilling, please contact us.