Solar and LED:

We associate with one of Australia’s leader in LED and Solar industry, Cyanergy to help customers reap the benefits of Energy Efficiency and Solar through Government schemes and rebates.  Cyanergy is an Accredited Certificate Provider(ACP) for NSW Government Energy Savers Scheme and Clean Energy Council (CEC) approved Solar Retailer.

We deliver LED retrofits under NSW Government HEER scheme for as low as $33 and also assist commercial business properties under CLU scheme.  Call us to know more about it and get benefited.


Electric Vehicles:

We associate with Western Sydney E Bike Hire to help people move towards Electric mobility.  Apart from providing E-Bike rental for delivery drivers, we also help local councils by adding E-bikes, Cargo bikes and electric autos (Tuk-Tuk) to their fleet operation and help in their journey towards sustainability target and reduce emissions.